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Our mission is to improve student success and the school environment through a shared decision making process involving parents, staff, students and the community.

President -  Sadie Trapp
Vice President - Melissa Peterson
Secretary - Danielle Sturzenegger
Treasurer -  Amber Anderson
Administrative Representative -  Elizabeth Channel
Teacher Representative -  shared by staff

What We Do:
We coordinate with staff to organize fundraisers and school events. Funds are used for class fieldtrips, classroom supplies, books for the Bookroom, support of the Wes Little Nature Trail, a Hewitt-Texas alumnus college scholarship, the Hewitt-Texas Yearbook, and special events.

Who is Involved?
YOU! Any parent or guardian who would like to be involved is welcome!

The Parent Network meets on the first Tuesday of each month.
The meetings run from 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
All parents are encouraged to participate.      

Email PTO: